Mathletes ALL Ireland CHAMPIONS!!!!!

We were in DCU in Dublin on Saturday where we were amazed to be announced as the ALL Ireland Winners of the points per eligable pupil section of MAthletes 2015. We won a medal for being first in Mayo, A plaque for being first in Connaught and a trophy (which was left in Cork but we are getting soon!) for being first in Ireland. A treble, three in a row, a hat trick of the best sort! And to top it all off, we also won €750 of LearnIT Lego classroom equipment. We are delighted, thank you to everybody who helped organise Mathletes especially Kelly!

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Mathletes All Ireland Finalists 2015 Top 3 Schools Finish

2015-All-ireland-FINALISTS-Announced_compressedWe are delighted to have been announced as one of the final three schools in the All Ireland Online Mathletes Challenge. We dont know yet if its a gold, silver or bronze position for us but we are just thrilled to have made the top three in our very first year of the competition. Well done to Shakira, to Nora and to Tiernan on all their hard work, now its time to get the rewards and enjoy a day out in Dublin for the awards ceremony and the big announcement which we see one school crowned All Ireland Champions 2015. Best of luck to our near neighbours over the border in Galway,  Milltown NS and to St Joesphs Clinstown in Co. Kilkenny who are in the top 3 with  us!


Mathletes Provincial Finals Experience

Nora, Shakira and Tiernan were all competing in the Mathletes finals in NUIG on Saturday. They had a great day with plenty work involved too! They first had LearnIT lego workshop where they made Lego Cars which when put on a ramp, they had to learn which could go the furthest! Next up was a speed test on Khan Academy and finally a written paper before lunch. Then they had the awards ceremony. It was today though that the finalists were named for the individual part of the competition. We didn’t make the individual finals this year but its something to try and get to next year! We will have to keep our fingers and toes crossed for the schools finals – we were in the lead going into the last wk, hopefully we will have been able to hold onto a top three spot!

Have a look at the Mathletes video about the provincial finals all over Ireland – you might see a familiar face!!