Eu Code week 2016 in cloghans hill ns (and Mozfest 2016) by Aoibheann

Eu code week 2016

Aer lingus plane

Our plane to Brussels

On Saturday we went to Megadojo in Limerick. Cian and I entered the scratch-a-thon. We made a game on time travel. The cat met a few historic people and became a historian. We did’nt win but that was alright because everyone thought it was good anyway. Mum was doing a raspberry pi thing. Then on Monday we did scratch at school. On Tuesday we went on a plane to Brussels. It was an aer lingus plane.

When we got to Brussels we took the bus to the Eu Parliment where we got to teach the MEPs how to use scratch. Padraic and I showed them our website.


Showing our website

I showed a few MEPs how to draw and change costumes on scratch and how to use the effects.  On Wednesday we practiced our workshops at school and got ready for our skycademy. We also had our Coder Dojo. We have coding buddies who we teach who to code.


Our Coderdojo


Coderdojo is on Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30. Everyone who goes loves it. It is very fun. Then on Thursday we had our skycademy. My workshop got moved to Friday with everyone else’s. The Skycademy was great ! We showed where we would launch the balloon and where it would land. Then we told everyone. We had skycademy recruits. Mags Amond and Hassan where recruits as well as the entire school. Everyone had a good time. We made binary

Then on Friday we did our workshops . Mine was  called Beginners guide to scratching maths with things in your kitchen. I was doing it at mozfest as well on Sunday 30th October. We did our workshops with the little class. I loved Anna  and Eva’s workshop about witch goes shopping. We got to make our own animation of the poem on scratch. Mine had the witch freaking out when the shop had nothing she needed and she got arrested because she was in a normal shop casting spells. It was really really funny. Mikey and Padraic’s story was great because we got to make a quiz. We had partners . Mine was Dominick. The story was about a haunted house. Dominick got the people to go on the haunted house ride and walk around it. Cameron and Cian’s spooky sounds on Scratch was very funny. They got us to download songs and music on . Then we got the background to play it while sprites moved and danced and screamed and loads more stuff like that. It was so much fun. Then we did my one. Everyone loved it.  It was a great EU code week! Thank you to everyone who came to our skycademy and To everyone involved including Mags Amond.

  Mozfest 2016 in Ravensbourne collage.

Thursday the 28th I went to London to go to Mozfest to do my workshop. It was late when we got to the hotel so we went to sleep (mum and I). We got on another aer lingus plane to London. It was not long. On Saturday we went to google in London before going to Mozfest. At Mozfest we had to set up. ( The youngest did’nt ) before lunch. Then after it was set up we could go to look around. I met Elise ( Girls 2 Geeks) and Joshua . We got to get hot chocolate. Then after a while of getting everything ready we got to go and get dinner. We went to Pizza Express. It was nice. We went to the 02 for a look around. Then we went back before going back to the hotel early. On the way we went to Tesco express to get tinfoil. I got M&Ms. Then on Saturday we went to a Minecraft Pi workshop where we programmed minecraft to make a maze. We changed the maze blocks (stone) to TNT. Then we watched it explode! We had 5 minutes left so we got to make a tree-house or something.

Minecraft pi

After that we walked around with Elise and Joshua. We got some dinosaurs that said @mozfest16 on them. After Mum and I went to the Gamehub where I made a person/sprite then put it in a game that I programmed. After that we went to the art level. I got to use a snapchat filter and take a photo. Then Elise and Joshua came with us for some lunch. We went to Five guys. We could’nt stay long because Elise’s workshop was on soon. Then Mum and I met Saoirse and her Mum at the robot workshop before going to Elise’s sonic pi workshop. It was fun because we made our own spooky sounds. Then we had to leave to go to Matilda the musical. It was funny. They programmed the light effects. Orla left to go home but Saoirse stayed.

On Sunday the last day of Mozfest  we went to Joshua’s workshop. My one was after it. I went on a pi at the back doing my code for the workshop. Then when it was over, I got ready for my one. Loads of people came. Elise, Joshua, Polly, Saoirse and Mum helped. It was good workshop. Then we went and got lunch. When we got back we to hot chocolate. We got to go to the VR room. Then we went to Elise’s workshop again . This time I helped a guy wearing a pink raspberry pi t-shirt. After that we went to the astro pi workshop before we packed up. We all had a great time.

By Aoibheann. 5th class


Science Week Spaghetti Challenge

This year Mayo Science Festival hosted a spaghetti building challenge in the McWilliam Park Hotel Claremorris. The challenge was to build the tallest tower that could support a marshmallow for ten seconds. It had to be a free standing tower (not attached to anything) and the materials we were allowed to use were: 20 pieces of spaghetti, a marshmallow, 1 metre of masking tape and a scissors. We sent two teams to the competition this year. Team 1: Nora, Tiernan, Mikey and Eva and team 2 were: Padraic, Aoibheann, Anna and Cameron.  Both teams put in a mighty effort on the day and were delighted to build marshmallow supporting structures!!

Well done to both teams and thank you to Mrs Farragher for driving us in with Mrs. Mangan and to all involved in organising it!

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