Tech Week

Tech Week 2016

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Tech Week 2015 took place from  26th of April to the 2nd of May!

What did we do?

We learned all about the different types of technology we have in our homes, schools and in the local area around us. We saw that lots of these types of technology have changed and got even better over the years. We saw how things like tooth brushes have embraced technology and now we have electric toothbrushes that almost do all the work for us….we saw how more advancements can be made….they could fully do it for us!!!

On Monday we checked if our passwords are safe , here is how we did it!

“Today as part of our Tech Week study….we tested our passwords, how safe are they???

We used to test ours out! How safe is your password, click the link and find out!!!!

So how do you make passwords?

Let us know what tricks and tips you have? Leave us a comment so we can find out!”


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