Science Week

Science Week 2017

Science Week 2015

Science week 2015 saw us take on the spaghetti tower challenge in the Mayo Science and Technology festival in Claremorris.

The Challenge was to build the highest spaghetti tower with 20 pieces of spaghetti, one metre of masking tape and a marshmallow! The tower had to free standing and had to support the marshmallow for 10 seconds to be measured.

We went in 2 teams

Team 1: Padraic, Anna, Cameron and Aoibheann

Team 2: Nora, Mikey, Eva and Tiernan.

IMG_6427 IMG_6426 IMG_6425

On Friday we went to the Weather Show in Turlough House, Castlebar.

We learned about lots of different types of weather and what causes it.

Air Pressure: We saw a tanker that was out of commission and they sucked all the air out of it and we got to see what happened!  The air pressure outside the tank crushed it into a mangled wreck. Have a look at this!

Another thing we learned was about lightening and thunder – It is caused by electrical currents through the air the positive and negative ions build up.

DId you know when hear thunder, if you could until you see the lightening, for every 4 seconds, that is one mile – so you can see how far away the lightening actually is!

Rainbows: Did you know that while sun and rain create a rainbow, nobody in the whole world can see the exact same rainbow you see!!!


Science week 2014

Science Week Day 1
Posted on November 10, 2014 by imangan6079
Today we made our own atmosphere and answered the questions, why is the sky blue? and Why is the sunset red?

We used a projector, a piece of card with a hole in it, a jam jar 3/4 full with water and some milk.

We set it all up in a dark room…..we saw the sun project through the water and have no colour – then we added the milk and the spot on the board turned yellow to orange to red…just like sunset, proof the particles in space create the blue skies and orange sunsets.

Science Week day 2 lava lamps.

On 11/11/14 we made lava lamps. This is how we made them.

1.Pour water into a plastic bottle .50 mls of water.

2.Pour oil into the cup so that the cup is full.

3. Put in ten drops of food colouring (any colour).

4.Put in two tablets alkaselzer .

5.Put on the lid.

6.Shake it.

If you want it to glow in the dark put it on top of a lamp or shine a flashlight through it.

I made a red lava lamp with silver glitter. Cian made blue one. Padraic made a black one. Shakira and Cameron made green. It was great fun.

By Aoibheann mangan (rang 3)

On Tuesday we made lava lamps Mrs Mangan showed us how to do it.

we needed oil and 100mls of water food colourring and to make it bubble you needed Alka-seltzer. My lavalamp was blue, Padraics lavalamp was black We had fun making them! By Cian rang 1

It’s Science Week!!!! And to celebrate we did some experiments. One of them, was a Lava Lamp!! We made one each. What we did was we got a plastic bottle, oil, water, food colouring, Alka-Seltzer’s glitter… you don’t have to get glitter!! So what we did was we got a jug of water and poured 50 mils into each bottle. Then we filled the rest with oil, nearly to the top, but not quite!! So when we did that we added the food colouring. When we did… It just sat at the bottom of the bottle!! We gave it a tiny shake. After we gave it a shake, We quickly broke an Alka-Seltzer in half and popped both halves into the bottle… we had to close the lid very quickly, so that the mixture didn’t go everywhere and make a HUGE mess!! It looked AMAZING!!!! You can easily try this at home and have lot’s of fun just like us!

by Shakira Size

IMG_0525 IMG_0516

















IMG_0515 IMG_0516 IMG_0519 IMG_0514

Science week 2013

Lá 1 /Day 1

Chuamar chuig sheo mhaith sa McWilliam Inniu Bhí Dr. Ken ag imirt chluichí draíochta le mata agus Eolaíocht. Bhaineamar an taitneamh as!

Today we saw a maths and science magic show with Dr Ken. It was brilliant!

IMG_5912 IMG_5905 IMG_5913 IMG_5909


Day 2:

Rinnemuid Volcán le cré, pudar bácála, dathanna bia  agus fíneagar. Bhí an t-am againn!!!

We made a volcano from clay, baking powder, food colouring and vinegar, it was great fun!

IMG_5929 IMG_5922 IMG_5921

Lá 3 /Day 3.

Bainne illdaithe! Rainbow milk

Today we made rainbow milk. We used milk, saucers, food colouring and washing up liquid. We put the milk on the saucers, added food colouring and then drops of washing up liquid. The results were amazing the washing up liquid pushed the fat content of the milk away from it and the colours made a marbling effect on the plate. It was lots of fun!



Inniu tá muid chun draíocht a dhéanamh le ubh!!!

Ní raibh an t-adh linn ag déanamh é sin bhris muid an “unbreakable egg” Bhí an craic againn ag baint triall as!!!

IMG_5956 IMG_5949 IMG_5957

LÁ 5!!

Ar an Aoine bhí cead againn aon rud a dhéanamh bunaithe ar eolaíocht. Bhí orainn obair le páirtí agus sin iad na rudaí a rinne muid.

Grúpa 1 – SLIME

IMG_5979 IMG_5980 IMG_5988 IMG_5989 IMG_5990 IMG_5991



IMG_5982 IMG_5983 IMG_5984

Grúpa 3: Spacedust!

IMG_5985 IMG_5986 IMG_5987

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