Staff Meetings Policy

Policy on Staff Meetings


The following policy initially drafted in February 2010, has been revised in September 2011,2013.



The necessity for such a comprehensive policy relating to staff meetings arose due to the need for

• Clearly defined procedures for such events.

• Accommodating and giving a voice to all staff members.

• Adjusting to the requirements of social partnership Agreements (Circulars 25/03 and 14/04) and adhering to the Croke Park Agreement.

• Fostering collaborative decision-making.


Relationships to School Ethos:

Scoil an Clocháin strives to provide a well-ordered, caring and secure atmosphere. This is achieved through promoting the individual and collective personal and professional development of staff through regular structures staff meetings and Board of Management sponsored staff development programmes.


Aims and Objectives:

• To address collaboratively, school issues/problems as they arise.

• To plan effectively for school routines both curricular and organizational.

• To allow for a sense of ownership through appropriate delegation.

• To involve all staff in the decision making process.



As highlighted in the upcoming section on Croke Park hours, staff meetings will take place on a monthly basis. All hours of which will be outside of school time. An agenda will be drawn up before each meeting and items will be discussed and matters that arise will be dealt with where possible or if further work needed, at the next meeting.


Croke Park hours:

In accordance with the Croke Park agreement, 37 whole school hours shall be conducted during the year.

The method of making up these 37 hours shall be agreed on an annual basis.

The arrangement for 2013-2014 is as follows:

6 hours on Tuesday 27thth of August.

10 hours on CPD.

4 hours 19th March.

8 x 2 hourly staff meetings (monthly excluding September and June)

1 hour of Staff Meetings in September.

These hours will be used to review and draw up school plans and policies as well as for staff development.



Success Criteria:

Participation and delivery by all staff.

Co-operation and consensus.

Monitoring and assessment of procedures

Staff ‘feel good’ factor.

School ‘feel good’ factor.



Once the school website has been setup, this policy shall be available for viewing on the website, meanwhile, any parent wishing to view this policy may do so through the school secretary.







This Staff Meetings policy was ratified by the Board of Management of Scoil an Clocháin on _______________.

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