Maths Week

Maths WEEK 2016 is October 10th-14th.

We are going to do a puzzle a day in class, tweet a problem a day with another school and solve each others problems, make a parents maths challenge and the older children are going to devise a maths trail for the younger class before Mrs Mangan challenges them to a maths trail of her own!

Maths Week 2015

Maths Week 2015 takes place from the October 10th to the 18th. It is the 10th annual Maths week!

We have lots of maths activities planned for the week.

Monday: We planned and plotted to make a maths trail for the Junior class. We had to understand what they would know and what they would find too difficult! It was amazing to see how much maths language we have aquired over the years.  We are going to type up the trail during the week and give it to them as a challenge on Friday!

Tuesday: Lines and angles, under and over and between Challenge.

Today we had to go outside in our school grounds and find all the different types of lines we could – vertical, horizontal, parrallel, oblique, perpendicular and intersecting!!! It was great fun. we went in teams of two and the team with the most finds in 10 minutes won a homework pass. Mikey and Anna won todays challenge, well done!

After this we had the under and over and between challenge, this involved building a web of lines of all different types for our Halloween spider. We were lucky the twine wasn’t an electric fence or it would have been a painful game!!!!

On Wednesday we played the line game!!

We had to pretend our bodies were lines and we had to lie on the ground or stand up depending on vertical or horizontal instructions!!!! It was great to follow!

On Thursday – we had a football blitz so the maths revolved around score keeping and tallying. We also re examined our rugby world cup wall adding up tables and knocking out teams depending on points, bonus points and scores!



Maths Week 2014

We had a great week for maths week 2014.

Have a look at some of the fun we had and some of the activities we played. Massive thank you to all the parents who came in to our “Are you Smarter than a 10 year old?” game, it was lots of fun.




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