Useful links to websites the children will enjoy and learn from!!

English – Phonics and Reading  …students match pictures to the letter, short vowel or long vowel the picture contains.   ..students drag words into spelling/phonics patterns, does not correct when a word is not put in the correct column. Sort is able to be printed so a parent or teacher could check and give student feedback. Good center activity for classroom as alternative to worksheet or traditional word sorts.  …several early literacy activities (directed more towards preschool and kindergarten). There are several printable activities for Alphabet books and rhyming. Also, there are more activities that you can send home for parents to do with their child.  listen to stories on the computer or downloaded onto an ipod, text is available to read along, includes simple picture book stories and classic authors like Lewis Carroll. Stories are built on a blog platform, students can email a comment about the story when they have completed it. Other story formats may be available.

Word Frog provides practice in matching antonyms, synonyms and homonyms.

Online Reference Material: Dictionary And Thesaurus Work Rang 2 +


Telling the time

Telling the time – Stop the Clock:

Alien Addition

Minus Mission

Tables Games

Penguin Party Addition

Word Problems with thinking blocks: Students learn how to quickly solve word problems involving addition and subtraction using blocks. Challenging game. – Khan Academy Maths Games (Fun Maths) – Maths games (Fun Maths) – Excellent Maths videos explaining each topic – Maths games covering each topic – Maths games covering each topic – Maths link to the Irish curriculum from infants to secondary school – create your own maths worksheets for any maths strand e.g. fractions, multiplication, decimals, percentages, etc – For younger classes, basic maths games for addition and subtraction. – How quick can you answer 20 times tables questions?

Science and Nature: – Aoibheann and Padraics own website all about safety on the farm.

Gaeilge: – online news and downloadable posters to improve your Irish – online dictionary – online translation – monthly online Irish Magazine – irish resources -downloads available. – tg4 website featuring their childrens programmes listings.



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