Pupils learn the tinwhistle in school. Recently with our new makey makey, we learned how to play a Banana piano too!!!

There are after school music lessons every Tuesday.

Junior and Senior Infants go from 2.00-2.30 and senior pupils go from 2.40-3.30. Lessons are €5 and all are welcome.

Irish Dancing:

Irish Dancing takes place in the school once a week – Catherine Coleman comes to the school at a cost of €3 per pupil. Pupils perform in Scór every year and for the parents at Christmas and at the end of the year. Pupils also take part in the Catherine Coleman school class feis in Claremorris every year and some of the pupils take Irish dancing exams.

Scór Instrumental group on stage 2015

Scór Instrumental group on stage 2015

Scór 2015

Mrs Mangans class took part in  Scór 2015. For the Instrumental section They played learning Inis Oir and The Kerry Polka. They also competed in the Group Singing where they sang Molly Malone and The Star of the  County Down. Padraic took part in the Recitation and he did an amazing job, he can’t have been more than a mark behind the winner! Sadly Nora was sick and she couldnt compete in the Solo Singing but we look forward to seeing her on stage next year!!!


Music in the Classroom 2015

In January we are going to RTE Music in the Classroom in Castlebar. Please click on the attached links to read about it and to get the words of the songs we will be singing. We will be learning them in school and you will be hearing them over and over again so it will be fun to be able to join in!!

The Information to Parents sheet

Information for parentsMIC

The words are all here:

MITC words for RTECO Jan 2015

Tá muid ag déanamh an t-amhrán Peter and the Wolf ar scoil anois. Is  breá linn an scéal seo.

Féach ar:

agus ar an ceolfhoireann


Scór 2014

Bhí na páistí ar fheabhas i scór i Maolla aréir.

Féach ar ár realtaí “superstars”.

Amhrán na gcupán – You could have heard a pin drop with this excellent crowd pleaser!

The Instrumental Group!

An grúpa Rince

Padraic Godwin as rang a dó ag déanamh an “Lotto Song”.

Thosaigh rang na Naíonáin agus rang 1+2 ag foghlaim an bpiano i mí Eanair le múinteoir Iseult. 

Bíonn rang 2,3,4,5+6 ag foghlaim an fheadóg.

In our school, the infants and 2nd class have just begun to learn the Piano from Mrs Mangan.

2nd – 6th class play the tinwhistle.

Joy to the World

Ag imirt le tamborines a rinne muid ar scoil!

Ag foghlaim an fheadóg

  1. óiche chiúin    Silent Night    Stille Nacht
  2. Rudolf

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