Junior Painter of the Year Awards 2016

On Thursday April 7th Cian, Dominick and Tiernan travelled to the finals of the Sightsavers Junior Painter of the Year awards. They were presented with the awards for being Regional Winners for Connacht/Ulster. The National Overall Winners were announced on the day and while we weren’t in the top three this year, we were delighted to be there. The standard was extremely high and well done to everyone who was part of the day!

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The Junior Painter of the Year Awards were filmed by UTV Ireland for the Ireland Live news


They were also filmed by RTE News 2day and here is the link to Mondays episode

RTE News 2 Day Junior Painter of the Year 2016

Well done boys, we are very proud of you all and your great acheivements! Congratulations also to Aoibheann who was a runner up and recieved a special merit certificate on the day.

Come Dine With US!

Last week we did alot of work on healthy eating, the food pyramid and menu planning. We paid special attention to our food in school – our Lunchboxes!!!!

Everyone had super healthy lunches all week and to celebrate our new found knowledge, we invited the parents to school for a healthy lunch made by ourselves.

It took alot of planning, we had to plan what we would give them thinking of our rules about 5 a day and the food pyramid. We also thought of the things we might be able to have for lunch that they might not think pf giving us – cous cous was the top winner there!!

All the parents had a lovely lunch and we did two power point presentations on healthy eating for them 1 in Irish and 1 in english!

NOW, we turn the tables on the parents….next week, they are going to cook for us!!!!  We can’t wait!!!

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Google CS first Club!

Today we signed up to learn Google CS Club with Scratch. The older classes know how to use scratch so they are all getting a buddy to mentor in CS Club! We are all very excited. It kick off next Friday – we have passports printed, laminated and ready to go for all the little buddies, we can’t wait to get going!!! Here is a little taster of what we are going to be doing!

Our School Farm Safety Walk

Yesterday, we went to Godwins farm on a special farm safety mission. We had some guests with us who will reveal a big farm safety message with us in the new year – watch this space for news!

Many thanks to our secret guests and to the Godwin’s for letting us visit their farm and to Mrs Godwin for her amazing chocolate brownie cake, ice cream and the very welcome warm cups of tea!

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The Juniors visit the post office!

This week Mrs McGing has been doing great work in her room on the theme of the post office! All week there has been great letter, card and postcard writing going on and today the infants sorted the letters ready for delivery tomorrow. They also got to go to the post office in Hollymount where Coleen was so nice to them and sold them stamps and told them all about where their letters would go when they were in the box. They got to see the postmans big sack and how you can get lots of information in the post office! They even got stamps for a big important letter they will have to write to a big man with a white beard and a red suit soon!!!

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Our Nature Walk

Today we went on a nature walk / Autumn Scavenger hunt. We went on one this time last year as well so it was amazing to note how despite the bad summer, there were fewer signs of Autumn in our locality this year than there was last year. It was hard to find a large collection of multi coloured leaves.

We  got ready for our nature walk by

  1. Learning the rules of the road, and the rules of the school on tour.
  2. Planning what we were looking for, wanted to see and how we should observe things.
  3. We got into groups
  4. We put on our reflective jackets and set off!!!

We found lots of signs of Autumn, Here are some of them

Red leaves, green leaves, orange leaves,yellow leaves and brown leaves.

We found berries – blackberries and elder berries.

Tree fruits – Beech nuts, pine cones, fir cones, chesnuts and acorns.

Leaves from different trees which we used charts to find –

Alder, beech, hawthorn, oak, sycamore, horse chestnut, hazel, pine, ash and a fir tree.

We also found grass, ferns, flowers, moss, bark and twigs.

We had a great time!


Team A


Team C

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