Learnstorm Cup 3 Results

A massive well done to the pupils of 4th, 5th and 6th class who were winners of three school cups and 1 individual cup in Cup 3 of Learnstorm 2016. The school was placed 2nd in total hustle points and 16th in total mastery points! When these points were divided down by the number of pupils in the school eligable to enter, the school placed 1st in both mastery and hustle points! Well done everyone there was a powerhouse of effort went in to cup three at home as only 3 of the days of the 3week long cup were in school days! So well done to you all!!!

Points per Eligable Pupils Total Points

We also had an individual cup winners – Aoibheann in 4th class was 1st in Hustle this month.

4th class Cup 3 results

Here is how they reacted to the news today!!!



Well done to 4th. 5th and 6th class who are in the top 3 in Both leaderboards again this round. We were 3rd place in the Mastery Challenge PPEP and 1st place in the Hustle boards Challenge.

This is an amazing achievement two cups in a row! Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 14.43.45

Scores have now been erased back to zero for cup 3 which will be the hardest part of the challenge for us! We are  nearly all working between 2 and 3 class levels above the classes we are in  and the maths is getting harder and harder! AND not only that but Cup 3 is dependent on holiday maths now!

Well done to our neighbours Lehinch NS who were 2nd in the Mastery Challenge this month having just joined Learnstorm – well done to Muinteoir Sheila and her crew! There must be some seriously good mathematicians around South Mayo!!!

Well done also to Mikey and Aoibheann who were both top 3 finishers in the individual challenges and we are delighted that every pupil taking part in Cloghans Hill is in the top 100 in the country! Well done to you all!!! Keep up the hard work!


We were delighted to see ourselves on the Learnstorm 2016 leaderboards this week. We have been working very hard before school, in school and after school every week since the competition began 3 weeks ago. Well done to 4th, 5th and 6th class, keep up the hard work!

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 15.02.16 Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 15.02.36

As well as the schools placings, we also had 5 individual placers too – maith sibh go léir!

Keep up to date with the competition on Learnstorm Ireland

There are 6 weeks to go and 2 more cups to work towards!!

QR Codes

Today we have been learning and working on QR Codes.  A QR Code is a type of barcode that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera telephones. We are creating them on the mac and using iphone and i pads to read them. You can use them on any internet devide to create them and read them with apps on most tablets and some laptops that have cameras. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded may be text you want students to read, websites, or video.

Today we made QR codes for websites:

This is the code for our school website:

QR Code for our school website

This is the code for Padraic and Aoibheanns Farm Safety Website:

QR-Code for farm safety 4 kids.net

Next we made QR codes to hide text – we made a treasure hunt for the infant class. It was great fun they had to scan codes to find clues and eventually they found the treasure – a lovely stickers art kit for them to use for art this week!

Finally, we used QR codes to make our KWL chart for the work we are going to be doing on Norman castles this month. Click on the tab and see it!

Our Norman CastlesKWL QR

Mathletes ALL Ireland CHAMPIONS!!!!!

We were in DCU in Dublin on Saturday where we were amazed to be announced as the ALL Ireland Winners of the points per eligable pupil section of MAthletes 2015. We won a medal for being first in Mayo, A plaque for being first in Connaught and a trophy (which was left in Cork but we are getting soon!) for being first in Ireland. A treble, three in a row, a hat trick of the best sort! And to top it all off, we also won €750 of LearnIT Lego classroom equipment. We are delighted, thank you to everybody who helped organise Mathletes especially Kelly!

IMG_3451 IMG_3452 IMG_3454 IMG_3455 IMG_3480 IMG_3484 IMG_3486 IMG_3490 IMG_3491 IMG_3495 IMG_3501


Cian is National Scratch Champion 2015

Cian in first class won the national final of Scratch for Junior Infants to 1st Class in Dublin Castle on Thursday last. Cian made a game – Cians Frozen Game about 8+ tables. He had to present it to the judges in Dublin and then the public were allowed to come in and lots of people played his game. Everyone really loved it and one little girl said it was “addictive”. Cian also got to meet lots of other little and big coders from around Ireland and play lots of cool games. He was sitting beside a little boy Jack from Ballymun who had made the game Mutant Muinteoir, he was great fun. Mrs Mangan got to meet the teacher and kids from Lackamore NS who we are friends with on twitter. They are a small school too with only 20 pupils. They won a big prize on the day too! Small schools are mighty!!  Well done to all.

IMG_3372 IMG_3393 IMG_3405 IMG_3407 IMG_3408 IMG_3414 IMG_3415 IMG_3418

Mathletes All Ireland Finalists 2015 Top 3 Schools Finish

2015-All-ireland-FINALISTS-Announced_compressedWe are delighted to have been announced as one of the final three schools in the All Ireland Online Mathletes Challenge. We dont know yet if its a gold, silver or bronze position for us but we are just thrilled to have made the top three in our very first year of the competition. Well done to Shakira, to Nora and to Tiernan on all their hard work, now its time to get the rewards and enjoy a day out in Dublin for the awards ceremony and the big announcement which we see one school crowned All Ireland Champions 2015. Best of luck to our near neighbours over the border in Galway,  Milltown NS and to St Joesphs Clinstown in Co. Kilkenny who are in the top 3 with  us!


Eircom Junior Spider Award for www.farmsafety4kids.net

Padraic and Aoibheann were yesterday announced as winners of the Group Project of the eircom Junior Spider Awards for their project www.farmsafety4kids.net.

They went to Dublin with Mrs Mangan and Cian and Cameron went too. On the train they met Inver National school and the children from the Gaelscoil in Claremorris. When they got to Dublin they went to Facebook HQ in a mini bus taxi. In Facebook HQ they got to do lots of cool stuff like walking a tightrope, face painting, balloon making, a wind tunnel paper grab and a photo booth.  The photo booth was the best fun! Our teacher met our friends in St Peters in Bray and their teacher went in the photo booth with her!! The big kids from secondary school thought they were the coolest teachers ever…..!!!!

After a picnic lunch we had to go to the big room where the awards were to be presented. Mrs Mangan was filming the awards ceremony and she got such a shock and surprise  that she dropped the ipad onto her lap! We were amazed to win, its such an honour! Thanks to Eircom, to Facebook HQ, to all the junior spiders team and of course to everyone we met for such a great day!