Scór 2016 – Congratulations Padraic!

We took part in Scór last night in Hollymount Hall. We had our 8 hand group entered in the Figure Dancing – Nora, Tiernan, Mikey, Eva, Padraic, Aoibheann, Cameron and Anna. They danced to the Sweets of May and did a great job representing the school! Well done to you all and we will miss Nora and Tiernan next year – after three years dancing for the school, last night was their last time in Scór as they move onto to secondary school next year.


Anna Farragher represented us in the Solo SInging where she sang The Star of the County Down. Nerves were a factor but we think she did a great job!

Next on stage for us was Padraic Godwin with his poem – the Lotto Song. Padraic had the audience in stitches as he recited his poem.

We had an all girls music group this year, Anna, Eva, Nora and Aoibheann performed The Sally Gardens and Terry Teehans Polka. They too did  a smashing job and rounded off a great nights participation by Cloghans Hill.

At the end of the night, the results were in!!! We had lots of anxious faces awaiting them. We were over the moon and the roof nearly came off the hall when Padraic was announced as the winner in the recitation! Well done Padraic, we are very proud of you and our very first Scór win!!!! Well done to all the pupils and thank you to Sharon who helped the music group and Catherine who does our Irish dancing. Another big thanks to our supporters, chief among them Cian, Karen and Jack and all the parents who came to cheer us on!!

We wish Padraic all the best in the county final on April 16th in Breaffy! IMG_9859 IMG_9858


Our Makey Makey Banana Piano

Today we got our first makeymakey. First we used it in the senior room where we learned the basis behind the makeymakey system – how it is a substitute keyboard for the computer and how connecting via it you can use anything that conducts electricity to send your signals!!

We hooked up the makeymakey and bananas and ordered them in the order of the notes and directions on the piano. Everyone in the school had a turn. We were all in teams. It was great fun. We learned about the earth wire and saw how only the person holding it was able to play the notes.

IMG_1754_2 IMG_1755 IMG_1756_2 IMG_1757 IMG_1759_2 IMG_1762

IMG_1770 IMG_1772_2 IMG_1776_2


Have a look at Domincks Playing his Piano!

Dominicks Makey Makey Banana piano

Jacks Makey Makey Piano

Credit Union Table Quiz 2015

Well done to our two teams – Team A Under 11 – Aoibheann,(3rd)  Padraic,(3rd)  Cian (1st) and Cameron(1st)  and Team B Under 13 – Shakira,(6th)  Nora,(5th)  Tiernan (5th)  and Dominick (Snr Infants) who competed in The Credit Union Table Quiz in Kilmaine on Friday the 30th of January. Thanks to our parents and supporters who attended also.

IMG_1668 IMG_1669 IMG_1670 IMG_1672


Music in the Classroom 2015

In January we are going to RTE Music in the Classroom in Castlebar. Please click on the attached links to read about it and to get the words of the songs we will be singing. We will be learning them in school and you will be hearing them over and over again so it will be fun to be able to join in!!

The Information to Parents sheet

Information for parentsMIC

The words are all here:

MITC words for RTECO Jan 2015

Halloween In School!

On Thursday, (the day before the party) we had to get the food ready. We had, Jelly… not just plain old BORING jelly… we had Spooky Jelly!! You see, we put the jelly from the packet into a bowl with hot water from the kettle. We mixed the jelly around so it would melt quicker. While we were waiting for the jelly to melt properly, we put jelly worms in… for the worms. By the time we all got to do that the jelly had melted properly, so we poured it into the cups. on top of the jelly, we put brown sprinkles, to look like soil!! YUCK!! For more worms, we put Wiggly Worms and Zombie Guts hanging out of the cup. We made 2 cups of jelly each. On Friday we all brought in food for the party… We all had a great time!On Friday, 24th/October, we had a Halloween party. And as a little treat to the parents that came in, The senior class (us) gave them a play that we were practicing for about 3 weeks!! At the end of our play, we did a dance… And the parents loved it! The junior class sang some songs and said a poem, and they were very good! At the end, we all sang 2 songs. And at the end of our last song… WE SCARED THE PARENTS! When we were getting ready for the party, we decided to make some mummy pizza’s!! What we did was we got pizza dough, cheese string, pizza sauce, and Smarties… So, we got the pizza dough and covered it with pizza sauce. Then we put the cheese string into strips, and covered the pizza with the strips. We left some space near the top of the pizza dough. This is where the smarties come in… We then put the smarties in the space that we left, so they looked like eyes! When they were all decorated, we put them in the oven to cook. When they were ready We ate them all!! And They were DELICIOUS!!!
From, Shakira

IMG_0312IMG_0310IMG_0309IMG_0300IMG_0302IMG_0308IMG_0296IMG_0292IMG_0290IMG_0289IMG_0322 IMG_0329 IMG_0321 IMG_0320 IMG_0318 IMG_0313 IMG_0316 IMG_0317


Tá muid ag obair go díon anois mar tá seachtain na Gaeilge linn!

Beidh Scór ar súil ar an Deardaoin i Maolla!Tá foireann againn ag seimn ceol, ag canadh, ag rince agus beidh Padraic ag déanamh dán deas dúinn!!!!

Ar an Aoine beidh muid ag déanamh trá na gceist.

Its Irish week (or fortnight as it is!) we are very busy doing all things Irish! This week we have children taking part in Scór singing, playing music, dancing and Padraic in 2nd class saying a poem. On Friday we are having  a table quiz!

An tseachtain seo chugainn beidh a lán rudaí eile ar súil agus beidh sheans ag na daoine sa cheantar teacht isteach chugainn chun páirt a glacadh sna rudaí seo!!! Beidh éalaín rince, cocáireacht agus ceol le déanamh againn!!

we are doing lots more next week and anyone around who wants to call in to take part is more than welcome. We will be doing art, dancing, cooking and music. We might even try to get some parents in to take part in a table quiz!!!