Junior Painter of the Year Awards 2016

On Thursday April 7th Cian, Dominick and Tiernan travelled to the finals of the Sightsavers Junior Painter of the Year awards. They were presented with the awards for being Regional Winners for Connacht/Ulster. The National Overall Winners were announced on the day and while we weren’t in the top three this year, we were delighted to be there. The standard was extremely high and well done to everyone who was part of the day!

IMG_0403 IMG_0418 IMG_0420 IMG_0423 IMG_0429

The Junior Painter of the Year Awards were filmed by UTV Ireland for the Ireland Live news


They were also filmed by RTE News 2day and here is the link to Mondays episode

RTE News 2 Day Junior Painter of the Year 2016

Well done boys, we are very proud of you all and your great acheivements! Congratulations also to Aoibheann who was a runner up and recieved a special merit certificate on the day.

Sightsavers Visit to our Junior Painter of the Year Regional Winners

We were delighted to welcome Teresa Murray from Sightsavers Ireland to our school this week to meet with the prize winners from Junior Painter. Teresa spoke to us all about the work of Sightsavers and the different things they are doing as they aproach 2030 with goals to reduce unnecessary blindness for people in the third world. She told us how easy it is to spread eye infections using dirty water and using the person before you’s water when they have an infection. After a very informative talk, Teresa presented Tiernan, Dominick and Cian with their certificates and Aoibheann with her special merit award. We all got participation certificates too.

Thank you Teresa for coming all the way from Dublin to see us.


Sightsavers Junior Painter of the Year – Regional winners announced!

Aoibheanns art

Aoibheanns Picture


Cians picture


Dominicks picture


Tiernans Picture

Tiernans Picture

We got a lovely email from Teresa in Sightsavers Ireland this morning. Sightsavers run an art competition which we enter every year and this year, she told us that we had 4 prize winners in the school!

Her emailed told us the following!!!

“Cloghans Hill NS has great reason to celebrate:
Junior Painter Awards – Regional Winners 2016 – Ulster/Connaught
Dominick Keaveney for his painting “When I grow up, I want to build a better world, like Steve from Minecraft”
Tiernan Mangan for his painting “In 2030, I want to be a footballer”
Cian Mangan for his painting “I want a world of wonder: colour or monochrome, sight or none: a better world for us all”
And a Judges’ Special Commendation for
Aoibheann Mangan for her painting “2030: a world of magical creatures and colours, where everything feels as good as it looks”
We invite Dominick, Tiernan, Cian and Aoibheann along with their teachers and families to our awards’ day in Dublin on April 7th. At the awards’ day, the regional winners will receive their ‘toolbox’ prizes from ReCreate Ireland. It is a great day out, when we also announce our three National Awards – perhaps Cloghan’s Hill will take home a cash prize from The Irish Times and membership of ReCreate? It is also a day where we can make our young artists feel special and show them how much we appreciate them. I will be writing to you and the other winners with details of this event in the second week of February.”
Teresa will be calling to our school on Tuesday morning next at 9 am and we are inviting anyone who wishes to meet her and hear all about the great work done by sightsavers to come in and meet her and our artists!
Well done to the winners and to all who entered in the school the lessons you learnt and appreciation you got for blindness in the third world will stand to you all for the rest of your lives.


Our Nature Walk

Today we went on a nature walk / Autumn Scavenger hunt. We went on one this time last year as well so it was amazing to note how despite the bad summer, there were fewer signs of Autumn in our locality this year than there was last year. It was hard to find a large collection of multi coloured leaves.

We  got ready for our nature walk by

  1. Learning the rules of the road, and the rules of the school on tour.
  2. Planning what we were looking for, wanted to see and how we should observe things.
  3. We got into groups
  4. We put on our reflective jackets and set off!!!

We found lots of signs of Autumn, Here are some of them

Red leaves, green leaves, orange leaves,yellow leaves and brown leaves.

We found berries – blackberries and elder berries.

Tree fruits – Beech nuts, pine cones, fir cones, chesnuts and acorns.

Leaves from different trees which we used charts to find –

Alder, beech, hawthorn, oak, sycamore, horse chestnut, hazel, pine, ash and a fir tree.

We also found grass, ferns, flowers, moss, bark and twigs.

We had a great time!


Team A


Team C

image image image image image image image image image image

Eircom Junior Spider Award for www.farmsafety4kids.net

Padraic and Aoibheann were yesterday announced as winners of the Group Project of the eircom Junior Spider Awards for their project www.farmsafety4kids.net.

They went to Dublin with Mrs Mangan and Cian and Cameron went too. On the train they met Inver National school and the children from the Gaelscoil in Claremorris. When they got to Dublin they went to Facebook HQ in a mini bus taxi. In Facebook HQ they got to do lots of cool stuff like walking a tightrope, face painting, balloon making, a wind tunnel paper grab and a photo booth.  The photo booth was the best fun! Our teacher met our friends in St Peters in Bray and their teacher went in the photo booth with her!! The big kids from secondary school thought they were the coolest teachers ever…..!!!!

After a picnic lunch we had to go to the big room where the awards were to be presented. Mrs Mangan was filming the awards ceremony and she got such a shock and surprise  that she dropped the ipad onto her lap! We were amazed to win, its such an honour! Thanks to Eircom, to Facebook HQ, to all the junior spiders team and of course to everyone we met for such a great day!





Doodle4Google Semi Finalists 2015

We have 3 semi finalists in Doodle4google competition this year. Karen, Myla and Dominick have all got through – fingers crossed now that they can make it to the final – there was great excitement in the run up to the voting for Cian last year! Who knows this could be our year!!!

Myla and Ms Halligan

Myla and Ms Halligan

Dominick and Ms Halligan

Dominick and Ms Halligan

Dominick and Myla

Look what the postman brought!

Look what the postman brought!

Karen with her certificate!!

Karen with her certificate!!

January Art Roundup!

There has been some lovely art appearing around Cloghans Hill lately. All of our pupils have entered Doodle4Google with 6 going forward to the competition and all pupils painted lovely pictures for Sightsavers Junior Painter of the Year!

Have a look at some of our lovely work!

IMG_1706 IMG_1707 IMG_1715 IMG_1600 IMG_1601 IMG_1603 IMG_1604 IMG_1605 IMG_1606 IMG_1607 IMG_1608 IMG_1609 IMG_1610

Credit Union Table Quiz 2015

Well done to our two teams – Team A Under 11 – Aoibheann,(3rd)  Padraic,(3rd)  Cian (1st) and Cameron(1st)  and Team B Under 13 – Shakira,(6th)  Nora,(5th)  Tiernan (5th)  and Dominick (Snr Infants) who competed in The Credit Union Table Quiz in Kilmaine on Friday the 30th of January. Thanks to our parents and supporters who attended also.

IMG_1668 IMG_1669 IMG_1670 IMG_1672



Today we did  an eggsperiment.

You will need some egg shells,.

A glass, cup

A selection of soft-drinks {e.g. cola squash a juice-drinks, fresh fruit juice and water.

What do you do?

We put the egg shells into different cups.

then we put in the drinks. We used Cola, 7up, fizzy orange, water, squash and orange juice.

Now we wait 24 hours.

and see what happens…….

The next day…..

The egg shell in the water remains as it was no cracks, peeling, discolouration or weakening of the shell.

The Eggshell in Water Result

The Eggshell in Water Result

The Eggshell in the Squash – this result really gave me a shock! we thought as you mix this with so much water it couldn’t be bad for you! Well the shell was really peeled.

IMG_0585 IMG_0586



The Orange Juice Result: We were very surprised to see that the orange juice made the egg shell peel, it felt bumpy and weaker than when it went in. This showed us that there are a lot of sugars in fruit juice even when the label says no added sugar, there are naturally occurring sugars in fruit – don’t forget to wash your teeth!!!


The soda team – the results from the fizzy drinks did not really surprise us. The staining of the cola however was quite dramatic! Fizzy drinks made the eggs peel, crack with weakness and discolour in the case of the Cola. We have ruled that we shall only drink fizzy drinks on special occasions!!!!

IMG_0589 IMG_0590 IMG_0591 IMG_0592 IMG_0593 IMG_0594 IMG_0595 IMG_0596