START Clinical Trials 2017

On Friday the 19th of May we set off to NUIG at 9am. We were very excited as we had been shortlisted in the top three for the START Clinicla Trial competition. It was a very exciting day, they had two rooms of pure magic set up for us to explore. There was stands on every kind of thing you could imagine from making bouncy balls to extracting banana DNA, exploring the stents they put into heart attack patients, gangrenous toes,to computational thinking and statistics involving M&M’s even a set of live creepy crawlies. We had a great time going from table to table and were amazed at one table to see ourselves as movie stars!!! yes the Reel life science video we made was up and running with Enda from Reel life Science!

After alot of exploring, we went for a lovely lunch in the canteen. Everyone agreed that the students in NUIG are lucky to have a chance to eat so well every day! After lunch we went into a big lecture hall. The three schools were very excited! The judges went through our projects and told us about what they liked in them! When it came to results time we were amazed we were named as the overall winner!!!! Thank you so much to all the people involved in running an amazing competition we had a great day and we had the most amazing time running the trial in our small school.

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