Our Trip to Valeo

On Monday the 15th of May, we went on a school trip to Valeo in Tuam. Valeo is a French company that build cameras and sensor for cars. They also are working on developing software and technology to create driverless cars.

We arrived in Valeo by bus. Valeo has 4 buildings in Tuam, Co. Galway and we went to building 1 which is the production building. When we arrived we saw people in the cafeteria, they were mostly wearing white coats and slippers and they seemed very friendly! We checked in at reception where security signed the teachers in and gave them special badges. We were met by Rachel who was the lady showing us around. She brought us upstairs to a special board room called the Heaney room. On the way up we saw the production floor where people and robots were building camera components. We had to be very quiet on our way up so as not to disturb the workers who were hard at work.

In the board room we sat around a large rectangular table. Valeo had left a special treat for us – we got a pen, a wristband, rainbow glasses and a water bottle each (thank you Valeo) Rachel began by telling us about the history of Valeo. It began as CEL with 41 employees. Now Valeo which is 10 years in Tuam this year has over a thousand workers in Tuam. Alot of the workers are from all over the world. Valeo has a number of factories and offices in several countries so if you work there you could be able to travel between them! You can start working in Valeo when you finish school and that if you are very good they will help you to go to college or do training courses.

There are lots of different jobs in Valeo like – security, operator, operator trainer,  HR, clearer, IT, test drivers, health and safety, finance, research and development and sales to name a few!!!

Brian from research and developement came to talk to us about how the cameras work and how they have changed and can add more into the making of cameras even making them smaller of the years. He showed us some photos and clips of the cars with cameras in action. We even got to see a driverless car in America.

Helen from HR and training came to talk to us about how they make the cameras and she showed us the robots in action. We were very impressed with Hand Solo!!! She passed around some cameras and told us some of the companies that use them – we even got to see a submarine camera! That was really cool!!!

Next we got to go and see one of the test cars. We were brought down in groups and Stephen showed us the car. We got to see the cameras on the inside and the outside and we could see how you could change all the different settings. It was really cool.

All in all, we had  a great day in Valeo and we are off to do up our CV’s to apply for those jobs!!

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