100WC # week 25 Nora

I was out in a wet green field . There was a wild white horse there, I quickly but carefully ran past but I banged my knee on a pipe. There was no choice but to run because the horse ran towards me and suddenly there was a lake and I ran like  the wild to swim across .I did I swam across the lake and the horse was gone .I could breathe, it was weird but I was alive .

I went back to lying on the green grass and gazed at the clouds and singing about the adventures I had  .

3 thoughts on “100WC # week 25 Nora

  1. Hi Nora
    It’s so fantastic for me to be commenting on your 100 word challenge as I think it’s the first one I’ve ever commented on that was written in Co. Mayo! A lot of challenges I read today so far were all in Australia, New Zealand and America so it’s great to find one from Ireland. I love the way you have used the words of the prompt to write a very creative but kind of scary story. Having to get away from any animal that is not happy with your presence would be very difficult but especially a horse as they are so big and so fast. I also liked that you introduced the swimming the lake bit into your story as this really upped the tension of your piece and had me sitting on the edge of my seat to see if you would make it. I love happy endings too so yours made me smile as I could just see you lying out on the grass and gazing at the clouds. One thing though – you did mention at the start that the grass was wet?
    Great writing and do keep up the good work. If you get a chance do come and visit our class blog – we’re neighbours in Co. Galway.
    Ms O’Keeffe (team 100wc)
    Galway Ireland

  2. Hi Nora,
    Greetings from Cork.
    Thank you for entering this week’s 100 Word Challenge.
    I enjoyed reading your story. For your first 100 word challenge this was another great entry from Scoil an Clochain. Well done! I liked how you used the prompt and I’m glad you survived the wild white horse chasing after you.

    A lot of your sentences begin with either I or There. To improve your writing you might try looking at different ways of starting a sentence. For example try an “ING” clause….Lying on the grass, I gazed at the clouds. …..

    Keep up the good work!
    I look forward to reading more adventures from you.
    Mrs Boyce @ Team 100 WC
    Cork, Ireland
    Come and visit our Class Blog at http://kidblog.org/MrsBoycesClass-4/

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