Interview with Henry Wills- Photographer

Today we got to interview a photographer. Thank You Henry for sharing your stories with us!

What’s the weirdest picture you have  taken? Gareth Fitzgerald with two different shoes

where do you edit your photos? I edit on a computer, but in the old days I did it in the dark room and had to wash them, dry them and caption them for my editor.

What’s the hardest picture you have ever taken ? Places I didn’t want to be and sad pictures are the hardest things to photograph.

If you weren’t a photographer what would you be ? I would be a reporter or a teacher.

If I wanted to be a photographer what would I do now ? practice practice  practice take photos of everything and delete the bad ones every good picture has 10more bad ones!

The most famous people you have saw ? Well there was Geogie Best,President Reagen ,Mary Robbins ,Enda Kenny .

He also added that he is still friends with his friends in national school

Nora and Tiernan

2 thoughts on “Interview with Henry Wills- Photographer

  1. Wonderful school with wonderful teachers and pupils. Our own personal teachers are always the ones who have inspired us from National Schoo/ Secondary/ and third level.
    We cannot go from one level without having the inspirational support of the other. It has been our national school teachers who have inspired their students to persue their interests and careers in further education. What a legacy – it was a great honour to visit the school – not only to record but to reflect the wonderful work local NS teachers in every school in the country are doing to instill and inspire their pupils as they face their future education life challenges.
    . . .

    • Thank you so much Henry, it was great to meet you and you must call in again and visit us soon!

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