Best Kept Schools Award 2016

We were delighted today to pick up 3rd prize in the Mayo Co Co Best Kept Primary Schools awards. The Senior room went to the offices of Mayo County Council in Castlebar with Ann and Mrs Mangan where they got the good news we had won 3rd prize – congratulations everyone and especially to the parents and community who supported our pride in our school night back in the early summer months when we gave the place a great clean up and repainted alot of our flower beds and murals and also to the parents who installed our outdoor bug hotel and kitchen. A special mention to Ann Shally for all her help in our garden planting and weeding all year too. We would like to dedicate our win today too to Peter Keavney who was always so giving in his time and energy to the care and upkeep of our school. We’re sure he is very proud of us winning this award.

Congratulations to Snugboro NS who were runners up today and the the pupils and staff of Glencorrib NS who were the winners of Best Kept Primary School in Mayo! Maith sibh go léir!



screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-12-43-02We had a very exciting EU Code Week this year. Every day was jam packed with coded fun and plenty for everyone. We were especially lucky this year that we got to go to EUDojo in Brussels as part of EU Code week, not only that but we also were lucky to sign up Ireland EU Code Week Ambassador Mags Amond as part of our Skycademy project launch during the week!

On Monday the pupils filed into the classroom all smiling and happy armed with laptops, ipads, ipods and many other devices. You could tell from their excitement that something wonderful was about to happen!!! It was of course EU code week, a week we have previously taken part in and had lots of fun doing. As well as completing our regular school work this week, we were going to integrate coding into as much of the curriculum as time would allow in both teacher led, student led and group work lessons!


Monday – we set up our workshops which we were going to run on Friday. We were very lucky to be doing lines, angles and shapes in Maths so we used this for some of the workshops – accessing our prior knowledge of coding and our maths knowledge to make exciting challenges for our peers.

Tuesday – On Tuesday some of  our schools Coder Dojo club members went to Brussels to the EU Parliament to teach the MEPS how to code.


Coder Dojo themselves wrote:

“On the 18th of October, 50 CoderDojo ninjas and 30 adult community members mad their way to the European Parliament in Brussels to teach MEPs a thing or two about coding! On the day there were attendees from Romania, Bulgaria, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy. the event is hosted by Sean Kelly and was supported by Microsoft and Liberty Global.”

Our pupils showcased their coding in scratch to members of Parliament who attended the event. Two of  our pupils, Aoibheann and Padraic actually addressed the event showing everyone their farm safety website which has earned them many awards.


After a day’s coding in Brussels we made our way home safe and sound to the West of Ireland.


Wednesday – Sadly our school community were in mourning on the Wednesday, we buried one of our beloved parents, Peter whom we had shared our coding skills with during last Decembers hour of code. We didn’t do any coding on the day as we were attending the funeral.


Thursday – this was a big day for us in school We had invited alot of people to attend our launch of a big project we were taking part in – SKYCADEMY. Skycademy which is run by the raspberry pi foundation is a high altitude air balooning project where you send a raspberry pi complete with camera and GPS into the stratosphere! We will be the very first school in Ireland to take part in the event and we hope to get all our work done for a very exciting launch in May or June 2017. We hope to have RTE news2day down with us for the launch!


This was a big day too for our EU Code Week Ambassador Mags Amond, Mags came all the way from Cavan to be part of our Code Week event and even found herself getting a job on the day – as we recruited our skycademy team, Mags and Hassan (another great tech friend of ours) were given recruit cadet badges and will be given lots of hard jobs along the way to getting us airbourne!

While she was with us Mags showed us how to make binary bracelets – these are the numbers that computers read really really quickly to code and decode what we are wanting them to do! We made them to say our names – most of us using our initials as the bracelets were a nano second long!


Friday – On Friday -EU code week in Cloghans Hill became pupil led. All week we had worked on making slide shows and on our presentation skills so we could lead workshops showing our classmates and the younger pupils how to use coding in our everyday work.

Cian and Cameron – the 3rd class boys led a lesson in Spooktacular Halloween sounds in Scratch.

Padraic and Mikey – the boys made a quiz on some of the topics we had covered during the month entitled ‘Are you smarter than an 11 year old?” they even showed us how to make our own questions and how to reward right answers!

Eva and Anna – made a workshop on the poem -‘Witch Goes Shopping’ they showed us how we can bring our stories and poems to life using scratch.

Aoibheann – made a workshop in scratching maths using a raspberry pi, scratch and an explorer hat pro to make it work like a Makey Makey. She then took that workshop to Mozfest in London over the mid term break where she got a great response to her lesson!


All in all, while code week EU may be over we were armed with fresh ideas from each other (me included) and we will be sure to ‘keep coding’ all year long.



  EU Codeweek in Cloghans hill NS       


 By:Anna Farragher

On Monday: We prepared for Brussels

On Tuesday: We went to Brussels for the day we got on the plane to Brussels.When we landed we went straight for the Parliament.When we got to the parliament we had to go through security before we did any of the fun stuff. When we got through security we went and got some food. After that they called all the coders to come and get some goody bags and T-shirts next we went into the conference room and  listened to some people talk.They were very interesting. Before long we were teaching MEPs how to code/ and  showing them our project. After we had finished our projects / showed them how to code, We listened to Aoibheann and padraic talking about their website. Then we Listened to some more coders and we went home .        


On Wednesday: We did CoderDojo after school.We were mentoring the little class and teaching then how to code with cs first.

th  al

On Thursday: We had our skycademy project launch.when we came into school we made our badges and we prepared for our project launch. Suddenly Mags and Hassan walked in. Hassan helped Mrs mangan with all of the computers and stuff and Mags made binary code bracelets.{Binary code is the numbers that computers can read really quickly} We invited Parents and people to the project launch and we all talked About the project. Afterwards we all got assigned to the project and Hassan and Mags were assigned to the project to help us with all of the advanced coding that we have not learned yet. Next we all told our parent about our workshops we we going to do on Friday


On Friday: We showcased our workshops that we had worked very hard on to the parents and the little class.We were in teams. 

  •   Eva and Anna: Eva and Anna made a workshop with scratch. Their project was made with a poem.It was called a witch goes shopping.It was a workshop where you had to animate the poem.I was a really good workshop.
  • Padraic and Mikey: Mikey and Padraic made a quiz that was called are you smarter than an 11 year old.It was pretty cool
  • Aoibheann: Aoibheann’s work shop was how to draw shapes using the raspberry PI and Scratch. It was very complicated but when you got the hang of it was really cool with what you could do with a ting computer the size of a credit card, Scratch and your imagination. 
  • Cian and Cameron: Cian and Cameron showcased how to make sounds in Scratch and how to animate characters along with it. their workshop was really good and was one of the best projects yet.

 Everyones projects were really good and we all had fun.Everyones projects were some of the best project they have ever made. When code week ended we were all very sad.we are very excited about EU code week 2017!!


European code week

on Tuesday,all the senior room went to Brussels.we ate breakfast before we went on the plane.Then we went on to the airplane it took a hour and 22mins to get to Brussels.then we got off the airplane and got a bus to the European Parliament.first we ate little burgers their in the European parliament they were very nice burgers.Then we showed people how to do  code and scratch it was fun showing them.After that dad,Eva Bridget,Padraic  and I ate waffles they were scrumptious.on Thursday  we made bracelets with mags and then we  explained about the  parachute launch and telling what we are going to do.

Padraic and I’s workshop was are you smarter then a 11year old.

Cian  and cameron’s  workshop was making spooky noises  and moving.

Anna,Eva and Aoibheans workshop was witch goes shopping.


Eu Code Week in Cloghans Hill N.S.

We all had a very Good and exciting year.We all did  activities in school about Code Week.Mags came to the school to our launch of the Raspberry Pi that goes up to the stratosphere.All of our  parents came to the launch,Mags Amond came to the launch. Cian and Cameron’ s workshop  was Spook tacular sounds.Anna and I’s workshop was A witch goes shopping.Next we got our recruit badges to put on our jumpers.Everyone clapped when we were getting our badges from Mrs Mangan.


Eu Code week 2016 in cloghans hill ns (and Mozfest 2016) by Aoibheann

Eu code week 2016

Aer lingus plane

Our plane to Brussels

On Saturday we went to Megadojo in Limerick. Cian and I entered the scratch-a-thon. We made a game on time travel. The cat met a few historic people and became a historian. We did’nt win but that was alright because everyone thought it was good anyway. Mum was doing a raspberry pi thing. Then on Monday we did scratch at school. On Tuesday we went on a plane to Brussels. It was an aer lingus plane.

When we got to Brussels we took the bus to the Eu Parliment where we got to teach the MEPs how to use scratch. Padraic and I showed them our website.


Showing our website

I showed a few MEPs how to draw and change costumes on scratch and how to use the effects.  On Wednesday we practiced our workshops at school and got ready for our skycademy. We also had our Coder Dojo. We have coding buddies who we teach who to code.


Our Coderdojo


Coderdojo is on Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30. Everyone who goes loves it. It is very fun. Then on Thursday we had our skycademy. My workshop got moved to Friday with everyone else’s. The Skycademy was great ! We showed where we would launch the balloon and where it would land. Then we told everyone. We had skycademy recruits. Mags Amond and Hassan where recruits as well as the entire school. Everyone had a good time. We made binary

Then on Friday we did our workshops . Mine was  called Beginners guide to scratching maths with things in your kitchen. I was doing it at mozfest as well on Sunday 30th October. We did our workshops with the little class. I loved Anna  and Eva’s workshop about witch goes shopping. We got to make our own animation of the poem on scratch. Mine had the witch freaking out when the shop had nothing she needed and she got arrested because she was in a normal shop casting spells. It was really really funny. Mikey and Padraic’s story was great because we got to make a quiz. We had partners . Mine was Dominick. The story was about a haunted house. Dominick got the people to go on the haunted house ride and walk around it. Cameron and Cian’s spooky sounds on Scratch was very funny. They got us to download songs and music on . Then we got the background to play it while sprites moved and danced and screamed and loads more stuff like that. It was so much fun. Then we did my one. Everyone loved it.  It was a great EU code week! Thank you to everyone who came to our skycademy and To everyone involved including Mags Amond.

  Mozfest 2016 in Ravensbourne collage.

Thursday the 28th I went to London to go to Mozfest to do my workshop. It was late when we got to the hotel so we went to sleep (mum and I). We got on another aer lingus plane to London. It was not long. On Saturday we went to google in London before going to Mozfest. At Mozfest we had to set up. ( The youngest did’nt ) before lunch. Then after it was set up we could go to look around. I met Elise ( Girls 2 Geeks) and Joshua . We got to get hot chocolate. Then after a while of getting everything ready we got to go and get dinner. We went to Pizza Express. It was nice. We went to the 02 for a look around. Then we went back before going back to the hotel early. On the way we went to Tesco express to get tinfoil. I got M&Ms. Then on Saturday we went to a Minecraft Pi workshop where we programmed minecraft to make a maze. We changed the maze blocks (stone) to TNT. Then we watched it explode! We had 5 minutes left so we got to make a tree-house or something.

Minecraft pi

After that we walked around with Elise and Joshua. We got some dinosaurs that said @mozfest16 on them. After Mum and I went to the Gamehub where I made a person/sprite then put it in a game that I programmed. After that we went to the art level. I got to use a snapchat filter and take a photo. Then Elise and Joshua came with us for some lunch. We went to Five guys. We could’nt stay long because Elise’s workshop was on soon. Then Mum and I met Saoirse and her Mum at the robot workshop before going to Elise’s sonic pi workshop. It was fun because we made our own spooky sounds. Then we had to leave to go to Matilda the musical. It was funny. They programmed the light effects. Orla left to go home but Saoirse stayed.

On Sunday the last day of Mozfest  we went to Joshua’s workshop. My one was after it. I went on a pi at the back doing my code for the workshop. Then when it was over, I got ready for my one. Loads of people came. Elise, Joshua, Polly, Saoirse and Mum helped. It was good workshop. Then we went and got lunch. When we got back we to hot chocolate. We got to go to the VR room. Then we went to Elise’s workshop again . This time I helped a guy wearing a pink raspberry pi t-shirt. After that we went to the astro pi workshop before we packed up. We all had a great time.

By Aoibheann. 5th class


EU code week in Cloghans Hill n.s.

On Monday we got ready for Brussels and we did Cs first with the little class.

On Tuesday we went to Brussels  to the  EU Parliament  and we wated in a room and then we thought the MEP how to code it was fun and Aoibheann and I went to talk about our web site. european-parliament-brussels-main-building-belgium-39518926

On Wednesday we had scratch after school with the little class.

On Thursday we had the launch of sky academy.

On Friday we had the workshops I loved all of them Aoibheann’s one was makeing shapes, Eva and Anna’s one was about a poem work shop that you had to animate Cian and cameron’s one was about sounds one scratch and Mikey’s and Padraic was about a quiz are you smarter than an 11 year old.


EU Code Week In Cloghans Hill NS


For EU Code week, we did lots of really cool coding things but best of all, we went to Brussels the capital of Belgium we flew from Dublin to Brussels

Before that Aoibheann Tiernan Iseult Anna and I went to Eileen’s house.The others went on the bus we had lots of fun we had lots of fun at Brussels airport the check in man mixed me and Tiernan up then we went on a bus to the parliament then we went in with stickers  loved it we got bags t-shirts.we went into a room with food like burgers and orange juice. We  then went with everyone else to another room to work with the laptops we met MEP’s and the mums and dads. We were sad when we had to go home It was long on both planes we also got mints we went into the cockpit we went from Brussels to Dublin. I love coding I want everybody to learn to code like we do coderdojo and take part in lots of things, we do cs first, scrath and learnstrom.mags came and we made binary braclets which are nanoseconds