Our 360 Photo Stories

Our Favourite School photo Jumping for joy on sports day: https://theta360.com/s/dUVyke1GzDkH1nUH6m56rTIiu

Our individual Photo Story Challenges:

4th class – Aoibheann and Padraic.

We got the Theta 360 camera from Hassan a few weeks ago. It was really cool to see what a 360 camera looked like – we were not expecting it to be so small and it really looked quite cool and was easy to carry around and bring places. It was ideal size for a handbag (“as tested by Aoibheann and not me” – Padraic)  When Hassan came he explained to us how we look at pictures and even how we usually set pictures up is limited to what we can see. He showed us our blind spot and how we cannot fully see everything around us. Then he let us to it.


Our teacher put us all in groups and we were taken out with her seperatly to take secret pics – we were not allowed to discuss our pictures with anyone or even give clues to what we had done! We thought this was great fun and couldnt wait to see everyones pictures!!! When we were waiting for our turn we started to plan our picture. Because there is only 2 of us in 4th class we thought of one in front the camera and one behind it then drawing a circle on a page we realised while that was 360 circle wise the camera was able to take a sphere so we thought of another angle available to us up and down! Well down wasn’t going to be more than the grass really as we have no cool aerial spots in school and if we did the up of the picture would be the sky so we decided to put something into the up part of our picture. SO as big football fans it was football.  Padraic was the shot taker and Aoibheann was the goalkeeper and we could then use our photo – and we were allowed to make a video to analyse our shots. It was really cool. On the video especially you could line up angles and time and see if the goalie reaction time was good. It was a pity we got the camera so late in the year, we were just getting great ideas when school was over for the summer. Please Mrs Mangan buy a 360 camera this summer!!
Here is our pic

Click on this link https://theta360.com/s/px010oPH8lSCAGBWsLWcyPn4S

6th Class – Nora and Tiernan

The camera itself is an amazing device – to tell a story ,  trust us we know from experience.  The camera is linked up to a device using modern technology.   Wel went to the school garden and told a story in one photograph.   The camera let our creative juices flowing and our imaginations go crazy with all the ideas we had.
We loved whole idea and hats off the the maker because it really shows the time it took to make on the camera.  I found it boring just waiting for the app to upload (thats thanks to super slow internet speeds in our school not the maker)  but after we were flying and it took about 2 mins to know what you were doing.  So even if you don’t know that much about technology ,  it is simple to use.

Here is our photostory: https://theta360.com/s/mKio2ofpp5lfyp1K6…


5th Class – Mikey, Eva and Anna

We had a 360 camera  in school for a few days – it was really cool to use. It was a handy size and had its own tripod which was good as the day we were using it for our photo challenge was a windy day and it would have blown over without it. we found it easy to use the camera but hard to get the 360 image at first. We kept thinking as you do when you take a normal photo of just standing on one side of the camera and framing it from there. Once we had taken 2 or 3 photos and gone through them with our teacher she showed us how to think more on using both sides of the camera – it was like having a hoola hoop on the ground and making something happen on all sides. When we finished it we were very happy and we can see how you would use this camera to learn things even like maths and stories in irish and English.


Here is our Photostory: https://theta360.com/s/hzG3UJvvA9tldADLBBHtQmV4S

2nd Class – Cian and Cameron

We had great fun with our turn with the camera. We love that you can see up, down and all around so we thought we would play basketball as that has all those combinations. We hope you like our picture – we would love to make a video of this and use it for sports checking how we do everything when we are playing. I think we could use it for the Mayo footballers and hurlers this year and they might let us get in and meet the team!!

Here is our photo https://theta360.com/s/adNOOUGW3boHqOYPgUl6iRiOe



Mrs McGings special parcel she got in the post!!

Mrs McGing got a parcel in the post the other day. The parcel had alot of careful and fragile stickers on it – it also said open immediatly!!! We all examined the envelope for clues….a butterfly sticker….hmmm what could it be!!!!

On careful examination and opening, we found  a jar with 5 caterpillars  – teeny tiny caterpillars. Mrs McGing explained to us that the caterpillars and their built in food would feed on the food at the bottom of the jar, grow then form cocoons and eventually turn into butterflies – we can’t wait to see the life cycle before our own eyes!

IMG_2395 IMG_2397 IMG_2398 IMG_2399

Hassans Theta 360 Challenge

On Friday Hassan came to visit our school and he gave us the loan of the Theta 360 camera. It takes 360 photos so as Hassan explained, no more picking your nose when there is a camera around, it sees everything – everywhere!!!!

Hassan showed us how to use the camera and we downloaded the theta shutter app on the iphone, ipods and the ipad. He set us a challenge which we have duly accepted – to create a 360 photo story. We are really enjoying using the camera and will share some of our great shots with you all real soon!!

IMG_2402 IMG_2404 IMG_2406 IMG_2408 486049820.341863

Stephen Coen visits with the Clarke Cup

The All Ireland Winning Mayo Under 21 Captain Stephen Coen came to visit us with the Clarke Cup recently. Stephen a player for local club Hollymount Carramore and Mayo has been to our school previously with the All Ireland Minor Cup the Tommy Markham cup  – we were busy booking him up to bring Sam to us when he captains the Mayo seniors. Stephen is only the second captain to captain a county minor and u 21 team to double All Ireland success, we know lots of people in Mayo are hoping for three in a row for him….and soon 😉

Thanks Stephen for coming to see us and best of luck for the rest of the season.

IMG_2379 IMG_2382 IMG_2383

Learnstorm All Ireland Celebrations – Dublin Castle 2016

On Saturday May 22nd we went to Dublin Castle for the Learnstorm All Ireland Final Celebrations. We had a great day of maker and mind activities and at the end of the day we were thrilled to be named as winners of 8 School cups during the challenge as well as winning 9 individual medals – Aoibheann won 2 gold and 2 silver, Tiernan G won a gold and a silver, Mikey won a gold and Padraic won a silver and a bronze – well done you super mathematicians, we are all super proud of how well you have done! Keep up the hard work!

IMG_2156 IMG_2149 IMG_2145

Cycle Safety Day – Castlebar 2016

On Thursday May 19th our 4th, 5th and 6th class got to take part in the  Mayo Co Co Road Safety Day run in conjunction with Mayo Sports Partnership. Up first there was a bus safety demo where the pupils learned all about safety both on board  a bus and as a pedestrian around the bus.

After this, the team took to the testing room for a road safety written test for cyclists. There was lots of tough questions including road positions, helmet safety, signals to use when cycling and visibility questions.

With the written test complete, the teams took to their bikes and after fixing their helmets and having them inspected, it was time to take to the streets of Castlebar, safely shadowed by Gardaí and cycle safety personnel. The girls formed Cloghans Hill Team 1 and the boys team 2. As the teams rode around the town, they were scored on their safe cycling. First to set off were the girls who arrived safely back with a very impressive score of 18/20. Next to set off were the boys, they too did an excellent job scoring 18/20.

when they street cycle was over, the teams were able to spend time cycling on the GMIT track and even got a chance to check out a paracycle.

We would like to thank all those involved in running the event, we had a great day!

IMG_2014 IMG_2015 IMG_2026 IMG_2031 IMG_2032 IMG_2035cyc

Padraic and Aoibheann Officially open the Connacht Spring Show with Joe Healy the president of the IFA.

On Sunday May 15th Aoibheann and Padraic were delighted to open the Connacht Spring Show with Joe Healy the new president of the IFA. Thanks to Paddy, Peter and all the team for bestowing such an honour on our pupils and well done to Aoibheann and Padraic, we are all very proud of you!

IMG_1937 IMG_1940 IMG_1950 IMG_1963 IMG_1967 IMG_1969

On the day too Nora who writes her fashion blog www.fashion4everybody.weebly.com had a special treat, Mandy Maher from Catwalk Modeling agency treated her and Aoibheann to get their makeup done by the fantastic Jennie Rock. Then they got to walk on the catwalk in the 4.30 fashion show!! well done girls and Nora , we look forward to reading your blog all about it!

IMG_1984 IMG_1985 IMG_1990